Saturday, 3 August 2013


This is my favourite drink ever. My 1st memory of milkshake is at Shakey's Pizza when I was 8 or 9 years old.

I have tasted this drink from various places and here are my review.

13) McDonald's
I think this is the most cheap milkshake I found so far. The taste is not as good as the price. Too sweet and cepat muak.

12) Sakura Crystal (Tmn Melawati)

Nothing special. Taste like typical ice cream vanilla. Price: RM8

11) Kahve (Ipoh)
It serve milkshake in big glass which suit with it price (above RM10). Since it is very thick, you may need two person to finish the milkshake. The taste is acceptable.

10) Secret Recipe

The problem with SR is some place they do it nicely but some place not. Price: RM8.50

9) Baskin Robin
I love BR milkshake! But, as SR, it depends on which branch you go. Usually I'll buy at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. They put large amount of ice cream which is gooood.. Price: RM9-RM16

8) Cozy Corner (Ampang Park)
I used to dine here only once. The taste of milkshake in here is good. Not so thick and tak muak just that it is a bit difficult for me to finish it alone. Price around RM9-RM12

7) Sno
The taste is superb~ I'll never going to forget the taste. For me, it is a unique milkshake since we can choose base, blended ingredient and topping. 

For base, there are 3 choice; Vanilla, Green Tea and Frozen Yogurt. 

For blended ingredient, you may choose things like chocolate (kit kat, kinder bueno, mars, daim, MnM, Snikers, Ferrero Rocher & etc), fruits (Apple, Banana, Lychee, Mango & Strawberry), honey, milo, red bean, black jelly, nutella, horlics and more.

For toppings; whipped cream, sprinkles, mochi, marshmallows, popcorn, nuts, sago and etc.

Price: RM10-RM20 depends on ingredient you choose.

6) Sushi King
Unfortunately, vanilla flavour is no longer available in Sushi King. I like the taste, not too sweet, not too much, not too heavy. Just nice. It serve with whipped cream and choc sauce topping. The price is not bad either, RM6.90

5) California Pizza Kitchen

Their milkshake is very healthy because of less sugar. For me it a bit plain which is good since it's not heavy for me and the texture is so smooth. Easy for me to finish it alone. Price: RM12

4) Capricciosa

An Italian restaurant but it was founded by a Japanese chef. The restaurant get Halal certificate by Jakim. I love the taste, smooth and tasty. It serve in normal size glass with whipped cream. Price is around RM10-RM17.

3) Tony Roma's

Dine here during my ex-boss farewell party. The taste is so good. They serve it in a tall glass but since it is not heavy, I can easily finished it alone. Price: above RM14

2) Ben's
I love the taste! They do serve caramel milkshake which is so good. Definitely going to order caramel milkshake again. Price: Above RM10

1) Johnny Steamboat
They have four flavours; Vanilla, Chocolate, Honey Dew and Strawberry. The taste is smooth and not a low class level taste even though the price is so cheap, RM4.90

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