Saturday, 3 August 2013

What have I studied

"An actuary is someone who wanted to become an accountant, but didn't have the personality for it".

So these are some Math subjects that Actuarial Science student will have to study:
1) Probability
2) Statistics
3) Mathematical Statistics
4) Algebra
5) Calculus
6) Linear Algebra
7) Differential Equation
8) Actuarial Maths

And yes, you also need to learn Finance subject:
1) Financial Accounting
2) Microeconomic
3) Macroeconomic
4) Financial Management
5) Investment and Portfolio Analysis
6) Econometric
7) Risk Management
8) Financial Risk Management

The hardcore subject:
1) Life Contingency
2) Actuarial Planning & Control
3) Insurance & Takaful
4) Survival Model & Ruin Theory
5) Stochastic Process

You also need to have some programming knowledge such as:
1) Java Programing
2) C++
3) VBA

After you graduate, you are not an Actuary yet unless you pass the Professional Paper (super crazy tough).

An interesting song about actuary from Youtube

Now I'm kind of miss my campus life. I love to study rather than get money from working.

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